Real Estate Foreclosures in Michigan

Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan


Your Guide in Buying Foreclosed House in Michigan

When it comes to buying properties, most especially your new home, could be very tricky and overwhelming. Of course, you are trying your best to have the best decision when it comes to choosing a new space for you and your family to live in. Deciding to buy homes at Michigan is a smart decision and to buy a foreclosure home is another thing that would give you big savings. Now, you will know the conditions of how to have a foreclosing home through the simple guidelines below.

Lenders will be the ones responsible for the initiation of the foreclosing of a home when they find that buyers already loose track with paying their mortgages. This is best for many investors that would like to own homes in a budget friendly value.


  1. You may use the Department of Housing and Urban Development or what they call it HUD’s listings for you to spot homes in Michigan that are candidates for foreclosure. This is because only its department has the authority to sell homes when they see that homeowners are having difficulty paying their mortgage. It is the FHA or the Federal Housing Authority who handles and secures all the mortgages in the area.
  2. You may also search for financing institutions that cater to home purchases. Upon written on the list that will be presented to you, you may seek for homes with category that allows the buyer to have the loan from the FHA for purchasing the property. Private lenders will be backed up by the FHA for housing loans the same as with banks and any other financial institution possible of providing you housing loans. When things won’t allow you to do so, it will be required for you to buy the home in cash payment when you are able to bid for the highest with the HUD foreclosure.
  3. You may also have the assistance of a broker that is an HUD registered, always be sure about that, best to find local real estate so that you can just find their office near you. These brokers will wait for you to place the highest bid right before they draw the contract up for the home sale. You must always make sure that the closing agent is authorized and registered, then you will be paying the bid’s balance based as what you have been instructed by the agent.

When buying foreclosure homes in Michigan, you will be required to follow the steps based on the state’s law itself, which is the reason why authorities in Michigan are using sherrifs when it comes to selling homes for foreclosure. Home foreclosed is a must to be advertised on the newspaper if it is a candidate for auction. All you have to do is to mark your calendar for the date of auction Using auctions will give you better opportunities of finding foreclosed homes in best value. Check your local courthouse now to find the best deals.


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