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Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan


Selling Your Home in Michigan- Helpful Tips and Requirements

There may be different reasons for you to sell your home; anyway, that is always your decision in doing so. The thing here is when you are a resident of Michigan. Though in most states, selling home is always given to be complicated. There will be laws required for you to follow through with, yet these are just for your own sake of not having any future conflicts.  Now, here is a helpful guide for you to follow when you are that sure of selling your home in Michigan.

Hire Assistance. It is good when you are capable enough of handling your own home sale process yet in some matters, hiring professional services will really give you other benefits you might miss when you choose to have it yourself. Just like when you hire a broker for the selling strategy of your home with sure success. Probably, brokers all have the access and holds of potential buyers to market your home. Not just that, they are also capable of paper work tracking and all possible tasks needed for you to do.. In Michigan, there is the Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs that will provide you broker finding tips as well as databases that will help you much.


Have the listing. When you are deciding to sell your home, there will be agreement listings that will be required to you when you are to contact your broker. There is a type of listing that is called the open listing which most of real estate won’t consider selling, so your home will be sold by any other else. The other one is the exclusive listing, the agency or firm that you signed the contract with will do the selling and only they have the right to sell your home no matter what.

When you say listing, this will include all the facts and sellable factors of your home, such as the amenities and the accessibility to the places you and your family may need. When you doubt about the pricing, you may ask or see other home prices with the size and features of homes, same as yours.

selling-your-homeInformation you may disclose. This is a form that will be required to you by the agents in Michigan for you to fill in with all the facts buyers have the right to know. This will be a great factor that will affect their decision. If you choose to hide issues, you may then be charged against that because your buyer has the right also to live in a safe home.

Making an offer. If you got the very first buyer that may offer lower than the price asked, just allow it; this will give good impression for you.

Agreement of Purchase. When you already set a deal, you must stick with that no matter what because this is sealed by the law upon signing. You and the buyer will never have the chance to make any changes once done.


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