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Published on May 8th, 2016 | by Louise Hogan


New Home Owner Bathroom Cleaning Need To Know’s

Cleaning the house can be a nightmare that most of us regularly deal with, but don’t you extra dread having to keep a clean bathroom? Nothing is more embarrassing than having a guest stop by only to step over dirty cloths and push aside your toiletries in order to use the bathroom, and keeping the bath always clean and fresh can be easier than trying to remove layers of grime (not to mention significantly less ick-factor for you!) With these tips you can have that just-cleaned sparkle on your tiles everyday!


Everyday tips to keep it clean

There are a few things you can do on a daily basis to cut-down on scrubbing time in the future says this professional farmington hills house cleaning company. Showers and bathtubs are favorite places for grim to live, so by wiping down faucets and tile with a towel you’ll prevent gross buildup (and future work!) Glass showers are beautiful, but can be a pain to maintain. Buy a small squeegee and keep it handy to wipe off water droplets, and you’ll be shocked how much less you need to work to make it presentable. Curtains can cause similar problems, so draw them straight so no folds house gross scum.


Look in the kitchen

These days there are many more cleaning products that skip harsh chemicals to keep things clean, but a few kitchen staples will make things such as easier for less of the price. Vinegar and baking soda remain two of the most useful tools to clean your home, and their effect in the bathroom is no less. Not only can a mix of the two make a mild but effective solution for your scrubbing needs, but by pouring 1:1 amounts of baking soda and vinegar down the drain, you’ll be making sure your pipes are nice and clean. Doing this monthly or more often will make big difference with future plumbing problems. White vinegar mixed with water is also highly effective for cutting down on soap scum, and pouring vinegar in the toilet and letting it sit will cut down on unsightly rings.


Check your products

Gone are the days of having to rely on bar soap, so to keep your sink area cleaner for longer, make the switch to pump dispensers, which don’t leave the grime that a bar of soap will. Are some of your towels stacked in a corner? Do you hang towels on top of each other? Not only do nicely hung towels look polished, but they will also dry faster when properly hung. This can help reduce the overall amount of moisture in your bathroom, which leaves less area for gross grime to collect. Similarly, put things away! Don’t leave makeup strewn on the counter or hairdryers plugged in; this only gives the illusion of more mess and more opportunities for dirt to hide. Don’t just throw everything in the cabinet either – dirt and grime lurk wherever they can hide.


By using some of these everyday tips and tricks, you can keep your bathroom cleaner for longer. Gone are the days of scrubbing grim with abrasive chemicals, now you can return to simpler times by using the effective cleaning products you may already have in the kitchen! Start incorporating these habits into your daily routines and you’ll find a clean bathroom isn’t impossible.


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