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New Home Owner Bathroom Cleaning Need To Know’s

Published on May 8th, 2016 | by Louise Hogan

Cleaning the house can be a nightmare that most of us regularly deal with, but don’t you extra dread having to keep a clean bathroom? Nothing is more embarrassing than having a guest stop by only to step over dirty cloths and push aside your toiletries in order to use the bathroom, and keeping the bath always clean and fresh can be easier than trying to remove layers of grime (not to mention significantly less ick-factor for you!) With these tips you can have that just-cleaned sparkle on your tiles everyday!


Everyday tips to keep it clean

There are a few things you can do on a daily basis to cut-down on scrubbing time in the future says this professional farmington hills house cleaning company. Showers and bathtubs are favorite places for grim to live, so by wiping down faucets and tile with a towel you’ll prevent gross buildup (and future work!) Glass showers are beautiful, but can be a pain to maintain. Buy a small squeegee and keep it handy to wipe off water droplets, and you’ll be shocked how much less you need to work to make it presentable. Curtains can cause similar problems, so draw them straight so no folds house gross scum.


Look in the kitchen

These days there are many more cleaning products that skip harsh chemicals to keep things clean, but a few kitchen staples will make things such as easier for less of the price. Vinegar and baking soda remain two of the most useful tools to clean your home, and their effect in the bathroom is no less. Not only can a mix of the two make a mild but effective solution for your scrubbing needs, but by pouring 1:1 amounts of baking soda and vinegar down the drain, you’ll be making sure your pipes are nice and clean. Doing this monthly or more often will make big difference with future plumbing problems. White vinegar mixed with water is also highly effective for cutting down on soap scum, and pouring vinegar in the toilet and letting it sit will cut down on unsightly rings.


Check your products

Gone are the days of having to rely on bar soap, so to keep your sink area cleaner for longer, make the switch to pump dispensers, which don’t leave the grime that a bar of soap will. Are some of your towels stacked in a corner? Do you hang towels on top of each other? Not only do nicely hung towels look polished, but they will also dry faster when properly hung. This can help reduce the overall amount of moisture in your bathroom, which leaves less area for gross grime to collect. Similarly, put things away! Don’t leave makeup strewn on the counter or hairdryers plugged in; this only gives the illusion of more mess and more opportunities for dirt to hide. Don’t just throw everything in the cabinet either – dirt and grime lurk wherever they can hide.


By using some of these everyday tips and tricks, you can keep your bathroom cleaner for longer. Gone are the days of scrubbing grim with abrasive chemicals, now you can return to simpler times by using the effective cleaning products you may already have in the kitchen! Start incorporating these habits into your daily routines and you’ll find a clean bathroom isn’t impossible.

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Davison Home buying tip for the average Joe!

Published on November 20th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

Purchasing a real estate property is one of the toughest decisions to make especially if you are looking to buy a house, which you are planning to stay for a long-term basis. A house could be your largest investment, that is why you need guides of the best buying tips from when looking for Davison homes for sale you will find the states top rated schools and is a destination place for home shoppers with school ages children.

In Michigan, millions of real estate companies sell houses and one of those is the area. You want to find a company who has been doing business for several years, and check reviews to make sure they continue to provide commendable services to all locals of Michigan. Davison’s community has top rated schools in Michigan. Its a wonderful place to be when it comes to the best quality houses, and finding a trusted real estate agent who has built a good business track since their operation.

Real estate purchasing tips, in Davison Michigan: which will help you on your adventure of finding the best house to dwell.

  • Study the neighborhood

Before actually diving in the decision of buying the house, you have to look around the neighborhood for some investigation. You may do this around in the evening or anytime at night where most people are inside the house. It is a smart action to learn some of the normal activities of the people in the neighborhood to prevent any regret after you finally moved to the place. Your neighbors are a factor to consider when planning purchasing a house from a real estate company. It is a natural action to know the environment that you and your family will be exposed once you bought the house.

  • See if the price is accurate

Accurate pricing in real estate buying is an essential element to see in the transaction. A real estate property can represent the biggest asset that most people have. With that, it is important to know the amount of money, which you would be spending for the whole process. Before even making the first step in the offer, you must take effort in researching on a relative real estate prices in your location. Doing smart action will prevent you from falling to a wrong seller who may offer artificial raised prices in the houses.

  • Learn about borrowing costs

Sometimes purchasing a real estate property would mean borrowing money from a financial institution or applying for a loan. Know first the options that are being offered in the mortgage repayments including the overall cost before you decide of purchasing anything. You should look into details and learn about the repayments that you will have to make on a monthly basis. As much as possible, be realistic of your financial restrictions by determining the amount that you can really afford.

  • Hire for an expert house inspector

A house inspector will assist you in evaluating the value or worth of the house of your choice. He will help you in identifying the things that have to be fixed immediately. With that, you are assured that any problem that may arrive along the way, you have someone to consult to.

Bear in mind these tips and you will never get wrong in purchasing the house.

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Closet Image

How To Keep Your Closet Organized In Your New Lapeer Home

Published on October 20th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

Keeping Your Lapeer Michigan Home Organized

BEGIN: The closet: a source of delight and despair for most women. While TV and movies would have us believe that closets are grand walk-in palaces of rows of shoes and purses, the reality is that most of us have far less space to work with. But did you know that fixing up a closet can also be a simple and easy way to increase your home’s value? With these tips, you can be on your way to a luxurious closet, no matter the size.

Built-in beauty

Whether in a master bedroom or in a kid’s room, a little bit of shelving helps to keep things organized and maximizes the use of space. There are many resources for closet shelving with a range of price and installation options, so adding a bit of organization doesn’t have to come at a high price. Homebuyers love to see built-in closets which can raise your home’s value while helping you reduce daily clutter.

Box it up

Plastic organizers are a must-have for all of your closet needs. Combined with smart shelving, they can be stored on the floor or overhead, keeping out-of-season clothing both protected and easy to see. Label bins to easily access your belongings, which will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Hang ten (or twenty)

Hanging items can be a great way to make sure you always see what you have and to keep items pressed and ready for the next wear. But not all hangers are created equal! Look for stacking skirt and pant hangers, that allow you to put multiple items on one hanger, and be sure to find silk or soft hangers for delicate items like sweaters and knits. Treat your clothes nicely, give them space to hang and don’t things up.

Storing shoes

Shoes can be a major source of closet clutter, so if built-in shoe organizers are out of the question, try a simple shoe rack. Over-the-door and floor options exist, so you can find a fit for whatever size closet you are working with. Keeping shoes in pairs and lined up will help you when you’re getting dressed and eliminate hiding places for dust and dirt.

Purge, purge, purge

Remember: if you can’t see it, you don’t know it’s there. It’s a good rule of thumb for storing clothes to try and keep as much visible as possible, which will reduce the need for later purges and the dreaded “but I might wear it again” feeling. If something stays consistently at the bottom of your pile or the back of your closet, you know it’s not getting used and it’s easy to discard. Know when it’s time to let things go, as an excess of clothes you don’t use will only add to a cluttered closet. The same goes for kid’s rooms and hall or linen closets. Kids quickly outgrow their clothes, and if you are efficient in knowing what is no longer appropriate, you can eliminate a closet full of ill-fitting attire.

Having an organized closet doesn’t have to be a headache, and with these quick tips you are on your way to an easier day and an increase in home value. Remember to organize and strategize, and you can eliminate the dread that accompanies closet cleaning.

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Clean House Is Key To Selling – Your Lapeer Mi Real Estate Deal

Published on September 27th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

Selling Your Home in Lapeer, Perhaps a Clean House Is In Order?

You made the decision to list your house for sale. A wise choice will be to complete advance preparation even before you contact your real estate agent to start the listing process.

It is time to take a walk through your house with a buyer’s hat on, and make notes on what you as a buyer noticed. Then start the preparation by repairing and replacing the items on your list. Overall, there is no need to take on any major projects, just concentrate on the following key areas:


  • If you don’t need it, why keep it? Consider this the start of your packing process for your move
  • Empty bookshelves
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops
  • Clean, and organize your closets

You want potential buyers to focus on the attractiveness of your house,

not on how messy it is. Storage space is also one of the major selling

factors of a house.



  • Keep your décor simple
  • Remove any pictures or decorative pieces that may not be appealing to the potential buyer
  • De-personalize your house by removing family portraits

This will assist potential buyers with imagining themselves in the space



  • Paint walls in neutral colors , you don’t want potential buyers getting turned off with bright explosive colors
  • Fix or replace lighting fixtures, especially if they are over 15 years old
  • Repair all leaky faucets
  • Fix doors and kitchen drawers if they don’t close properly
  • Clean floors and replace cracked wooden floors or tiles

Completing simple repairs does not only attract buyers but could also

potentially increase your house value by a couple thousand dollars

Sparkling Clean:


  • Wash sidewalks and curbs
  • Mow the lawn and replenish your flower garden if needed
  • Wash windows inside and outside including cleaning drapes and blinds
  • Paint faded window trims
  • Re-caulk and re-grout the tubs, showers and sinks
  • Dust all furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Remove any unwanted smells

Potential buyers could get turned off by the unkempt exterior of your house and may not bother venturing inside.

When preparing your house for sale, you may also want to consider staging your living room by turning it into a conversational central. Help create a picture for your potential buyers where they can vision themselves relaxing with friends and family. Try grouping the living room furniture by arranging them to inspire conversation. Also, bring a little nature into your house with some potted plants or vases with fresh cut flowers. A few minor touch-up and a sparkling, clean house can go a long way with selling your house.

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Rent to Own in Michigan

Spotting Rent to Own Homes for Free- Would that be possible in Michigan?

Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

When you are struggling to find rent top own homes in Michigan, you are now on the right page, and what’s best in here? It is where you can find what you need for free. Renting homes may be good for short term stay yet if you really want to settle in Michigan, it would be best for you to find the rent to own homes, for sure many are available. So here are the following tips for you to follow in order for you to have your very own place of dwelling just like you are just paying your regular rent.

  1. The first effective way for you to fins is through searching the different websites that offer rent to own housing. Better if you have the zip codes so that you will have the specification when it comes to the actual location of the state. The see for the desired region you want to live in if there is any housing for rent to own offered. You may also put the amenities and the home features that you desire.
  2. You may also have information in the website of the national association of realtors. This site will be so very helpful for you, for they got all the connections and affiliations to all relators. You also do the same, include your locality chosen and find if there is also offered rent to own housing offered in the given region.
  3. There are local real estate agents and make sure that they are registered, you may ask assistance for free from them because they are the assigned people with contract by the home owners to seek buyers and sell the different types of homes and properties.
  4. You may also check whether there are free brochures in front of some retail stores, since they are just offered for free, and with complete details.
  5. There are available listings also that are referred to you by the different realtors. You may choose any kind of listing as long as you will be able to have that according to your budget. Talking to some realtors will help you a lot when searching as well as with budget planning since Michigan will never be out of homes to offer you.



Things that you must remember when searching for rent to own house.

There are websites that may offer free trial for you to have the searching for homes with limited days only. The time when the limited days of trial given will end, you will then ask to use your credit card to do so. Never refer to the agents, which you have known never, you may also ask recommendations from your family and trusted friends so that you will never have any future conflicts. Also, learn the different legalities related to having a rent to own home.

These are the things that you must remember when you are planning to have one.

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Selling Your Home in Michigan- Helpful Tips and Requirements

Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

There may be different reasons for you to sell your home; anyway, that is always your decision in doing so. The thing here is when you are a resident of Michigan. Though in most states, selling home is always given to be complicated. There will be laws required for you to follow through with, yet these are just for your own sake of not having any future conflicts.  Now, here is a helpful guide for you to follow when you are that sure of selling your home in Michigan.

Hire Assistance. It is good when you are capable enough of handling your own home sale process yet in some matters, hiring professional services will really give you other benefits you might miss when you choose to have it yourself. Just like when you hire a broker for the selling strategy of your home with sure success. Probably, brokers all have the access and holds of potential buyers to market your home. Not just that, they are also capable of paper work tracking and all possible tasks needed for you to do.. In Michigan, there is the Department of Licensing and Regulatory affairs that will provide you broker finding tips as well as databases that will help you much.


Have the listing. When you are deciding to sell your home, there will be agreement listings that will be required to you when you are to contact your broker. There is a type of listing that is called the open listing which most of real estate won’t consider selling, so your home will be sold by any other else. The other one is the exclusive listing, the agency or firm that you signed the contract with will do the selling and only they have the right to sell your home no matter what.

When you say listing, this will include all the facts and sellable factors of your home, such as the amenities and the accessibility to the places you and your family may need. When you doubt about the pricing, you may ask or see other home prices with the size and features of homes, same as yours.

selling-your-homeInformation you may disclose. This is a form that will be required to you by the agents in Michigan for you to fill in with all the facts buyers have the right to know. This will be a great factor that will affect their decision. If you choose to hide issues, you may then be charged against that because your buyer has the right also to live in a safe home.

Making an offer. If you got the very first buyer that may offer lower than the price asked, just allow it; this will give good impression for you.

Agreement of Purchase. When you already set a deal, you must stick with that no matter what because this is sealed by the law upon signing. You and the buyer will never have the chance to make any changes once done.

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Michigan House Purchasing

Helpful Processing Tips When You Buy Your Abode in Michigan

Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

Preparing for your smart home buying will require you to have better knowledge with the processes and steps that you must do in order for you to understand fully all the requirements and conditions. Now, you will then be presented to the basic steps of buying a home in the state of Michigan. Having home from here is such a smart buy for you and your family for it is said to have lower prices of homes since the year 2010 based on the national average. Through these tips, you will be able to have your Michigan home buying just fine.

Start finding one. This is actually the very first step you must do, to research for the homes good for sale with the features that you are interested in. You may always choose homes that will match your lifestyle, fashion sense, your budget as well as the location in which you will find it very accessible. There will be offered for you a free real estate brochure, you can find them from different retail stores.


Credit score assurance for better loan opportunities. There happened to be the recession, which is the reason why buyers now are required to have worthy credit scores for house loan approvals most especially in the state. Basically, a credit score of at least 620 will work just fine. Due to that, you must check your credit report and glad that this is now available online and free or if you want a hard copy for it, you may have that from banks in Michigan.

Talk to your lender. This is when you want to have a housing loan, yet if you decide to have it with cash. When you have it with financing institutions, much better and you may have the lending support from banks such as Bank of America, PNC as well as with TFC. You may also opt for the credit unions available here like Fannie Mae. It is important for you to have proper communication with your chosen lender for you to discover what type of housing loan will suit your needs.

cabin-life4Talk to your local real estate agent. There are local agents that are more than willing in catering your home buying concerns in Michigan. They will be the one who will walk you through the whole process from the very first step of searching for homes up to the buying methods. They will just require you to pay when the deal is closed.

Create offer with our chosen agent. This will be done after the approval of your home loan after you are satisfied with your chosen home to buy. Making an offer with your agent depends on your budget, so your agent will decide whether it is acceptable or not.

Create Closure. This will be done after your agent accepts your offer, so time for you to pay your agent and the down payment required with amount that will depend on the rate of the state then the house is yours now.

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Foreclosures in Michigan

Your Guide in Buying Foreclosed House in Michigan

Published on August 29th, 2015 | by Louise Hogan

When it comes to buying properties, most especially your new home, could be very tricky and overwhelming. Of course, you are trying your best to have the best decision when it comes to choosing a new space for you and your family to live in. Deciding to buy homes at Michigan is a smart decision and to buy a foreclosure home is another thing that would give you big savings. Now, you will know the conditions of how to have a foreclosing home through the simple guidelines below.

Lenders will be the ones responsible for the initiation of the foreclosing of a home when they find that buyers already loose track with paying their mortgages. This is best for many investors that would like to own homes in a budget friendly value.


  1. You may use the Department of Housing and Urban Development or what they call it HUD’s listings for you to spot homes in Michigan that are candidates for foreclosure. This is because only its department has the authority to sell homes when they see that homeowners are having difficulty paying their mortgage. It is the FHA or the Federal Housing Authority who handles and secures all the mortgages in the area.
  2. You may also search for financing institutions that cater to home purchases. Upon written on the list that will be presented to you, you may seek for homes with category that allows the buyer to have the loan from the FHA for purchasing the property. Private lenders will be backed up by the FHA for housing loans the same as with banks and any other financial institution possible of providing you housing loans. When things won’t allow you to do so, it will be required for you to buy the home in cash payment when you are able to bid for the highest with the HUD foreclosure.
  3. You may also have the assistance of a broker that is an HUD registered, always be sure about that, best to find local real estate so that you can just find their office near you. These brokers will wait for you to place the highest bid right before they draw the contract up for the home sale. You must always make sure that the closing agent is authorized and registered, then you will be paying the bid’s balance based as what you have been instructed by the agent.

When buying foreclosure homes in Michigan, you will be required to follow the steps based on the state’s law itself, which is the reason why authorities in Michigan are using sherrifs when it comes to selling homes for foreclosure. Home foreclosed is a must to be advertised on the newspaper if it is a candidate for auction. All you have to do is to mark your calendar for the date of auction Using auctions will give you better opportunities of finding foreclosed homes in best value. Check your local courthouse now to find the best deals.

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